A Very Lucky Jennie Bond Gets To Meet Gerry & Dave

Former Royal correspondent Jennie Bond is on the hunt for UK’s best amateur royal photographers as part of ground-breaking new royal photo album.  So Gerry and Dave made her join them in studio to tell us all about it.  And obviously then take the photo above.

  • The initiative looks to get Brits’ favourite royal photos into the book… to raise money for charity!!!
  • Former Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond needs all of us to raid our attics and albums for any retro-royal photos taken since WWII
  • Over 300 of the most engaging pictures and accompanying anecdotes will be published in the ‘The Crown from the Crowd’
  • It will then be presented to Prince Harry & Meghan Markle in May as a ‘gift from the people’ ahead of their wedding day
You’re not expected to get THIS close.

Last December, the first photo of the ‘Fab Four’ – the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with Prince Harry and his fiancée Meghan Markle went global, appearing on the front pages of several national newspapers around the world.  The image was not taken by a professional photographer, but a single mother, Karen – on an iPhone!  The snap was captured as she waited outside St Mary Magdalene Church near the Sandringham Estate as the Royals walked to the Christmas Day service.

Gerry and Dave won’t let any celeb off that lightly, though.  So the lads also grilled Jennie on the FA Cup clash;  Jennie reveals her favourite football team and Gerry’s not happy;  Dave asks if Jennie ever pinched anything from Buckingham Palace; there’s a ‘royal flush’ mention; and the debate about royals and selfies is covered.

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They really do…

Remember, over 300 of the most engaging pictures and accompanying anecdotes will be published in the spectacular royal photo album ‘The Crown from the Crowd’ available to buy from May 8th – with all profits donated to charity.  The book has been commissioned by Photobox.

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