3 things you didn’t know about the Royal Wedding

With 2 weeks to go until Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s nuptials, here’s 3 things you didn’t know about the wedding

1. A father and son duo will pull the royal couple’s carriage

Windsor Grey Horses Storm and Tyrone are father and son and are among the six horse chosen to pull the fairytale carriage.

Royal Wedding carriage
In good weather, the couple will ride in an Ascot Landau carriage.

The specially-trained horses will pull the carriage from Windsor Castle via Castle Hill and process along the High Street and through Windsor Town, returning to Windsor Castle via the Long Walk.

Royal Wedding horse
Storm and Tyrone are father and son

2. It would take the average Brit 166 years to pay off the Royal Wedding

A report by MoneySuperMarket reveals that the wedding – rumoured to cost over £2 million would take 2,000 months, or 166 years to get out of the red.

This is based on a rate of £1,000 a month. The couple’s nuptials are expected to be 74 times more opulent than the average UK wedding, which comes in at £27,000.

Meghan’s dress will cost £300,000 and the catering bill is set at £286,000. That’s a lot of champagne and canapés!

Royal couple
Prince Harry will marry actress Meghan Markle on 19th May this year.

3. There’s a Royal Wedding doughnut

Fancy a sweet treat?

12th-19th May is National Doughnut Week and hoping to get the royal seal of approval, the baking team at Dunn’s Bakery in Crouch End have announced they have created Royal Wedding doughnuts for the fundraising week.

Royal wedding doughnut
The Royal Wedding with be celebrated with a specially-made doughnut.

The commemorative doughnut is complete with decadent gold and white icing, and a portrait of the happy couple.

They are filled with a classically British strawberry jam and cream filling and topped with Harry and Meghan’s smiling faces.

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