Sleigh Ma Name, Sleigh Ma Name, Sleigh Ma Christmas Jumper

Mid-December marks another milestone for the holiday season – it’s Christmas Jumper Day! On 15 December, rather than awkwardly appear at work wearing the same jumper as Karen from accounting, you can win the Christmas Jumper party by rocking one of these bad boys. We’ve scoured the internet for the quirkiest, funniest, and cutest Christmas jumpers to wow even the most Grinch-y of colleagues.

1. “Mince Pies Before Guys”

2017 was a hallmark year for girls who run the world and it’s time to show your family where your priorities really lie.

2. “Sleigh Ma Name Sleigh Ma Name”

For the aunt who still can’t get over the breakup of Destiny’s Child, this is the perfect jumper to start a conversation about Blue Ivy dropping her first album.

3. “Eleven Days of Christmas”

The second season of “Stranger Things” was easily the hottest gift of 2017. To represent your fellow binge-watchers from the Upside Down, nab this to win best jumper at the office. Sorry, Barb.

4. “Area Codes”

Ludacris would be proud.

5. Three Hipster Men

This thin jumper is perfect all year long. During Christmas, it’s a modern take on a classic Christmas tale. After the holiday season, it’s a picture of your mates from Shoreditch.

6. Gangsta Wrapper

For a cheeky pun, prove that you’re bad at rapping, but great at wrapping presents.

7. For the little one’s first Christmas

This adorable jumper comes in a set for you and your little pud.

8. A classic Jesus joke

Because if anyone knows how to rock a Christmas Jumper, it’s big J. 

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