A five-hour wait in Shanghai to see 100 objects of world history

Yao here. My friend told me that people in my hometown have been waiting 4 to 5 hours under the sun outside the Shanghai Museum for the exhibition “British Museum: A History of the World in 100 Objects”. The exhibition opens to the public for free from June 29 to October 8. 


British Museum, as one of the four largest museums in the world, is famous for its encyclopaedic collection.The four cradles of human civilisation, the precious cultural relics of Babylon, India, China and Greece, abound in museums and can be called a museum of world history. 



This summer, British Museum came to Shanghai with 100 items from the collection, which cover all parts of the world civilisation for nearly 2 million years, across 5 continents. Each piece of cultural relics is a miniature of the history. The objects in the exhibition represent a vast range of material, from stone to gold, clay to plastic, and vary in size from large Egyptian sculpture to a small but exquisite gold llama from Peru. Through these objects, visitors can gain immediate access to the ideas and concerns of the people who made and used them – from how they lived to what they believed.


There is a tradition that the organisers of the exhibition will add a representative item to the exhibition. In Shanghai, 100 pieces of exhibits put together and becomes the QR code ?No. 101 exhibit. QR code has played an important role in China.


“British Museum: A History of the World in 100 Objects” in Shanghai Museum in Shanghai, east China, June 28, 2017. The exhibition will open to the public for free from June 29 to October 8. 

Yiyao Zheng

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