Americans urged by Embassy to keep a “low profile”

President Trump shouldn’t be the only one worried about security in London this weekend, or at least according to the U.S. Embassy.

The Embassy issued a statement cautioning Americans in the city to keep a “low profile” as a series of Trump protests kick off upon his Thursday afternoon arrival.

Most of Trump’s visit to the U.K. will be spent outside of London, where he will be chatting with Theresa May and dining in Oxfordshire, but he’ll be stopping briefly in the city from Thursday to Friday.

Most of the anti-Trump demonstrations will be happening on Friday, the largest one expected to be the Stop Trump March, which starts outside the BBC and heads to Trafalgar Square. Another demonstration is Thursday’s Together Against Trump rally, focused on being noisy and disruptive outside of the U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Regent’s Park, where Trump will be staying the night. Trumpets Against Trump have a similar tactic, planning to play a “drone piece” with a battalion of trumpets to “provide a wake-up call against the normalization of fascism” on Friday outside the BBC.

If you’re an American looking to keep a low profile, maybe opt to leave the trumpet at home this time around.

Olivia Gehrke

Olivia Gehrke is a journalist hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and currently studies journalism and philosophy at Boston University. She previously has done editorial work for Boston Magazine, Boston Hassle, Boston University News Service, and WTBU. A music enthusiast, Olivia hosts No Problem, her radio show on WTBU featuring Boston-based independent artists, and is the Promotions Director for the station, as well. When not at a gig, Olivia enjoys writing music of her own and playing guitar in her band. You can find her on Twitter @oggehrke