Anyone fancy toe wrestling?

80 Chinese contestants have taken part in a toe-wrestling competition. Dozens of contestants went toe-to-toe at the water park in Chongqing city in China. More than 80 participants, including children, fought hard to win the unusual and….smelly contest.

Footage of the competition was released by China News, which showed the participants grimacing and giggling during the bouts. Some took it exceptionally seriously while others just enjoyed the one-minute games in which each person attempts to pin down the other’s foot! A few even attempted to cheat, by throwing water in the faces of their opponent.

As well as the honour of being crowned the champion, the victor received free tickets worth 90 yuan (£10) to the water park, according to Chongqing’s district committee on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Organisers of the the event told reporters that the friendly game serves as a warm-up session to park-goers before they enter the water.