Beijing’s largest intelligent car park opens

The largest intelligent underground car park in Beijing has been put into operation, with 2,679 spaces available and an hourly fee of US$90.

Located near China's largest People's Liberation Army hospital and a major basketball stadium, the facility can cater not only for the parking needs of patients and medical professionals, but ease parking congestion during big events.

The car park is fitted with an intelligent vehicle tracking component, advanced payment systems and the ability to provide an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) robot parking service – the first of its kind in Beijing – which allows cars to be automatically parked. 

The intelligent car search function solves the problem of forgetting where you parked your vehicle. Simply enter the number plate on the touch screen and the system can display the location of the parking space, as well as a map showing how to get there. Customers can also pay with Alipay or WeChat.

As yet, only half of the parking spaces have been made available, with the remaining accessible according to public demand.


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