Ben Fogle Talks Adventuring With Kavita

Kavita had a chat with Ben Fogle… and it was always going to be adventurous.


Ben Fogle is a broadcaster, traveller, and adventurer. He has rowed the Atlantic Ocean, crossed Antarctica on foot, run across the Sahara, and crossed the Empty Quarter on camel.  Although, the camel probably did most of the work on that last one.

“Do you know how much Ben weighs??”

Almost a third of Brits only do something adventurous once a year, or even less.  We’re not living life to its fullest, and technology is meaning that we are finding excitement through the lives of others.  1 in 10 even admit to following celebrities on social media for excitement and 7% are using virtual reality as a source of excitement.

Our grandparents relied on real experiences for their excitement and adventure, but today’s generations are finding excitement through those pesky screens and tablets.  Research shows that millennials are more likely to experience adventure daily, but this excitement is often coming from social media rather than real experiences.

Ben is a Celebrity Cruises Global Destination Ambassador, with merit, of course.  So Kavita got the scoop on what’s what with current adventure, the challenge of laziness, and what next for the Foglemeister.

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