British Midlands aim for greater trade with China

The Midlands in are the traditionally thought of as being at the very heart of the UK’s industrial sector. Photo credit – Pixabay


A three year strategy to build ties between the Midlands and China is set to be unveiled next month.


That’s according to specialist publication insider Media, who report that the strategy will be based on research by experts at KPMG.

Apparently, exports from the Midlands to China more than doubled over the first five years of this decade, and the strategy will aim to further build upon this success.

The Midlands is not the first region of the UK to make efforts to grow trade with China on a local level.

Over the last few months, we’ve reported extensively about the work of LinksEast, a group in the East of England who seek to ‘bridge the gap between China and East Anglia,’ working to allow local firms to utilise effective links to fast track trade with Chinese markets.

In Leeds, in the North of England, similar work is being done by Leeds City Region China Business Club, which aims to ”exchange… ideas, experience and advice for businesses that want to make an impact with Chinese firms at home and overseas.”

The growth of these and similar groups across the UK demonstrates the strength of interest amongst British businesses of all sizes to increase ties with their Chinese counterparts.

Rupert Reid

Pilot and Senior Broadcast Journalist at Panda Radio. You can find him on Twitter @rupertreid

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