BTS or One Direction? K-Pop is coming! Watch out Western bands…

Hello Courteney-Mae here. After BTS’ amazing performance of Fake Love at the BBMA’S on Sunday the world of Korean pop also know as K-pop has been blowing up.

If you are new to the K-pop world and have a hard time finding groups that will keep you excited and in the K-pop world. Don’t worry! Below I have put together a list of my favourite and least favourite groups that you may like.

We will start with the KINGS of k-pop.


Big bang:

Known as the most influential k-pop group with their diverse music Big bang is made up of five members. They are also known for the member’s collaboration with solo songs.


Recommended songs:

Bang Bang Bang

Fantastic baby




BTS are a seven member group; they are one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world. They managed to debut DNA on the billboard hot 100 for the first time. In 2017 it was revealed they were the most tweeted about celebrity with 502 million likes and retweets.

Recommended songs:


Blood, sweat and tears

MIC drop


Super Junior:

One of the oldest on this list, Super junior are a thirteen member group. At this time they are seven due to 2 members leaving and 4 inactive members. They became internationally know after the release of sorry sorry. Over time they divided into smaller groups and targeted different audiences.


Recommended songs:

Sorry Sorry

Mr simple



Girl’s generation:

Girls’ generation are most notably known for Gee the nine member group debuted in 2007 through SM entertainment. They became eight in 2014 after the departure of Jessica.


Recommended songs:


I got a boy

Run devil Run



Winner became four in 2016 when Taehyun departed from the group. They were formed through the reality survival show WIN: Who is next.


Recommended songs:

Really Really





F(X) are a four member girl group most notably known for their electro-pop sound and style.


Recommended songs:

Electric shock

Rum Pum Pum Pum

4 walls



Seventeen are a thirteen member group consisting of Korean, Korean-American and Chinese members.


Recommended songs:

Don’t wanna cry




Red velvet:

Red velvet debuted in 2014 with four members and became five in 2015. They are one of the most successful girls group in the K-pop world with the most number one albums on the charts.


Recommended songs:

Ice cream cake

Dumb Dumb

Bad boy



Twice is a nine member girl group. They were formed in 2015 through Korean survival show sixteen.


Recommended songs:

Likey Likey

What is love?




Exo debuted in 2012 with twelve members split into two units, Exo-m and Exo-k. In 2014 Exo became nine when three members left.


Recommended songs:

Call me baby




F.T. Island:

Considered Korea’s first instrumental idol band F.T.Island consists of 5 multi-talented members.


Recommended songs:

Hold the moon






Shinee became four after the passing of Jonghyun in December 2017. They are widely known for experimenting outside of their R&B music style.


Recommended songs:

Ring Ding Dong




NCT 2018:

NCT 2018 is a group made up of eighteen members. Their name means Neo Culture Technology. It was coined by the SM entertainment founder to describe the group’s unlimited number of members. They split into 3 sub-units where each member can be in more than one unit. NCT U, NCT DREAM, and NCT 127


Recommended songs:


Baby don’t stop

The 7th sense



My first and last

We young



Cherry bomb





CNBLUE are a pop rock group consisting of four members. Each member has an acting career appearing in well-known Korean dramas.


Recommended songs:

Starting over

Shake it

You’re so fine



The 10 member group became one when they were introduced through the Mnet survival show pentagon maker.


Recommended songs:





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