Butch Harmon praises Tiger Woods’ display at Players Championship

I was concerned about whether I would ever see Tiger Woods win another tournament again, but right now in my mind there’s no doubt that he will win tournaments.

I didn’t think he had a chance to win another major, but if he keeps playing how he is and continues to progressing then that certainly becomes a possibility. There’s no doubt in my mind; Tiger Woods is back.

This is as good as I’ve seen him playing in quite a few years and had all the aspects of his game. He was driving the ball well, managed himself well around the course and putted the ball well.

He struggled a little bit coming in but shot good scores over the weekend, which is what he had to do after only just making the cut.

You’ve got to crawl before you walk and jog before you can run, and I think Tiger has been through those stepping stones. To me, he has still got it.

Golf has always been a place when Tiger Woods is in it and playing well. As a fan, a commentator and a coach, it was great to see. This game is going to be fun if Tiger Woods can compete with these youngsters.

Simpson stars

I think Webb Simpson was unbelievably impressive and he did everything he had to do from start to finish. He started the day with a big lead, which isn’t always easy.

Until he played the last hole, where he found the water with his second shot and made double, he hadn’t really had a bad hole all day long.

It goes to show that these guys are so good that it is hard for them to play conservative. I’m very proud and happy for Webb. He’s a lovely young man and a great person.

I think his faith had a lot to do with him getting through his down times and boy did he play beautifully this week. He went out and won this thing, so you have to give credit to him.

Wonderful Walker

It’s great to see Jimmy do so well as he has been working really hard this year. He has been fighting Lymes Disease since the autumn of 2016 and last year was terrible for him, both physically and mentally.

He started the year feeling a little stronger and his game has gotten better every week. He played beautifully this week so I’m happy to see him finish in a tie for second.

It will do him wonders for his confidence and is just another little step along the way to be back amongst the best players in the world, which is where he was before he got this disease.


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