Carol Smillie Joins Chris For International Day of Happiness

And just look at how happy it made him!!!
Today is ‘International Day of Happiness’, but it seems many of us are feeling glum.
Research, as part of the ‘Be More Swiss’ movement, reveals just 3 in 10 Britons think the UK is a happy place to live and the majority are open to moving abroad in order to be happier.
But we should be happy, shouldn’t we???  Here’s why we’re not.  The study reveals what day-to-day activities make us glum in the UK: rudeness irks people the most, closely followed by the weather, queues, litter and, perhaps ironically, moaners.


UK politics is also a cause of everyday unhappiness – for 2 in 5 of us!

So flip the script.
Brits do have coping mechanisms to increase their happiness: music leads the way (obviously), family time and TV a close joint-second.  Nearly a third of us enjoy a sweet treat to make life sweeter, while a quarter will exercise, and 1 in 20 turn to meditation.

But aren’t we all moving overseas?
Yet, despite our willingness to consider moving to a happier country, just a third can pinpoint Switzerland, consistently ranked one of the happiest places on the planet, on a map of Europe.  And…did you know…it’s landlocked!  There is literally no ocean to sail off into. What’s more, just a fifth of us have actually spent any leisure time there.

But the sunshine…
• We see Australia as the happiest place on earth – it ranks highly, but only 9th in the World Happiness Report 2017.
• Younger generations are, by far, more likely to consider moving abroad to find happiness: 79% for 18 – 24s.
• That’s up against an older generation of those willing to move overseas for happiness: 44% for over 65s.
• We can thank the Swiss for: the potato peeler, Velcro, cellophane, muesli, milk chocolate, the Swiss Army Knife.

Most importantly, if we talk the Swiss…
• In Switzerland, it’s illegal to own just one guinea pig because they’re prone to loneliness.


Here’s Chris Makey chatting over these facts and figures with Carol Smillie.

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