Celebrities receive phone-hacking damages from Mirror Group Newspapers

Others affected, more than a decade ago, were the model Danielle Lloyd, and Cole’s former Manchester United teammate Dwight Yorke.

None was present at the High Court for the settlement of their claims for misuse of private information.

Lawyer Mark Elder said MGN’s actions had a “massive emotional impact” on Mr Yorke, 46, and had significantly damaged his reputation.

Ms Lloyd, 34, was “distressed and appalled” by what happened, while Ms Ellison, also 34, believed the hacking had adversely affected her career.

Mr Cole, 46, had distrusted people close to him after being targeted.

Mr Elder said that while his clients were “in the public eye”, they had a “right to a private life, which should be respected”.

His clients were “happy with the outcome”, he added.

MGN apologised for any damage or distress suffered as a result of the unlawful interception of voicemail messages.


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