Channel 4’s Phil Spencer chats with Chris on Drivetime

Phil Spencer is a presenter, author, businessman and property investor. As co-presenter of the long-running Channel 4 series Location Location Location he has become one of the best-known faces on British television and is widely credited as being an expert in all things property related. Over the last 16 years he has hosted numerous TV series and continues to be an anchor for Channel 4 viewing figures. Outside of television, he has published books, written regular columns and features for leading newspapers and lifestyle magazines, hosted radio shows, produced apps as well as set up and run three successful businesses.

So….let’s talk property. The average Brit stays in their property for 19 years before moving. 54% choose to make home improvements rather than moving to a new property. One in 6 people aged 23 to 43 admit they have improved a room specifically so they can post it on social media.

The Home Improvement Report published by Barclays Mortgages has found that 48% of homeowners are choosing to renovate their existing homes to make their property reflect their personal tastes & a quarter to increase the value of their property. The report also revealed how social media is having a strong impact on people’s approach to updating their property.

Chris caught up with Phil on Drivetime this week.