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Hi, Yao here. Sharing you some what’ new on Chinese social media recently .


1. A bus was forced to stop to ‘enjoy’ sports car drifting performance

In Liaoning Dalian, China, a sports car was drifting on the road , causing friction and a huge noise, and even the zebra crossing was scratched with marks. The bus was forced to stop, the driver was forced to “appreciate” the performance

Residents had already called the police.


2. A student from America can speak Shanghainese like a native speaker

Ivan from NYU Shanghai is the champion of the 2017 foreigners Shanghainese contest. Ivan has studied the language for four years. When he was in New York, he heard his mandarin teacher was chatting with her daughter in Shanghainese, which was very different from mandarin, on the phone. Suddenly he became interested in learning the language. He loves living in Shanghai, often speaking with fluent Shanghai words to other Shanghainese people.

I have to say, as a Shanghainese he speaks even better than me.


3. Chinese model Liu Wen remains the only non-white model among the top 10 Forbes Highest-Paid Models 2017

Forbes just released the list of Highest-Paid Models in 2017. Chinese model Liu Wen-  $6.5 million is at No.8 of the list. She remains the only non-white model on the the list. 

But Liu’s career didn’t come easy. She started out “not knowing a thing” when she first moved from southern China to Beijing at 18 to pursue modelling, making it hard to find work. But she didn’t give up, she became the first Chinese model to walk the runway at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show; the first Chinese model to appear on the cover of American Vogue; and the first Asian spokesperson for beauty giant Estée Lauder. Her hard work finally paid off.  


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