China / UK FinTech bridge revealed

China and the UK are emerging as the global leaders in the nascent FinTech sector. Photo credit – Pixabay

China / UK FinTech bridge revealed

A FinTech bridge conference will come to London later in the year, allowing new established FinTech firms from around the world to forge links.

The event will have a particular focus on the Chinese and British FinTech sectors  – given that these two countries are emerging as the global leaders in the sector.

The news comes after we reported in February that over £1 billion of FinTech deals between China and the UK have already been announced in 2018.

The deals could apparently create over 800 jobs in the UK.

Notably, Specialist Chinese FinTech company BBD has made a significant investment in Cambridge, which is the location of its UK research hub.

The research hub is part of a pioneering ‘incubation program’ set up by BBD. This will foster enhanced relationships across the international FinTech community.

The incubation program is itself part of BBD’s membership of the pioneering Global FinTech Research Network, which according to specialist publication Business Weekly, aims to “stimulate a more fertile environment for international trade.”

The three main developments in Cambridge are:

1. Collaborations between Cambridge and Zhejiang Academy of Internet Finance.

2. The launch of a new Global Crowdfunding Index with local partner Crowdsurfer.

3. Help for other Chinese investors, particularly in the financial industries, to make contacts and relationships in Cambridge.

Rupert Reid

Pilot and Senior Broadcast Journalist at Panda Radio. You can find him on Twitter @rupertreid