Chinese airlines seen as ‘dependable and safe’

Chinese airlines are growing – in terms of passenger numbers, brand value, and reputation. Photo credit – Pixabay

Chinese airlines seen as ‘dependable and safe’

The reputation of Chinese airlines is fast evolving as one of dependability and safety.

That’s according to the CEO of a company called Brand Finance, David Haigh.

Brand Finance have recently published Airlines 50 2018.

As we reported earlier in the week, the research shows that three Chinese airlines were in the list of the top ten most valuable airline brands for the last year – a figure that’s second only to the USA.

Here’s Haigh’s summary of Chinese airlines in full:

”In the airline market, customers are making decisions about brands on a very narrow range of factors: price, routing, and schedules.”

”Despite big viral news stories which gained media attention globally affecting several brands, in the airline business, it is reliability on delivering core services that customers find key in taking purchasing decisions.”

”Consequently, the Chinese brands are the big winners in this area as they have been able to grow their brands by giving customers greater confidence in their dependability and safety as they grow alongside the Chinese economy.”

China Southern was found to be the most valuable Chinese airline brand (and the sixth highest internationally) with China Eastern in second position (seventh internationally) and Air China in third (ninth internationally).

However, none of these brands was the fastest growing in China.

That award went to Hainan Airlines, whose brand was found to have grown by a whopping 79 percent in value over the last year.

That figure means that Hainan was the second fastest growing airline brand in the world, after Air Asia.

Rupert Reid

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