Chinese bike sharing a hit across the UK


A trial of bike sharing by the Chinese company of has gone so well the company are planning on increasing the number of bikes they have available in the historic city.


Cambridge is a cycling city though it has the highest rate of cyclists commuters in the UK with 1 in 4 people cycling to work, who are helped by the almost 80 miles of cycle lanes.


The company say they are planning on increasing the number of cycles to 150 after a successful three month trial of the dockless bike hire format.They also say they will try to work in partnership with city employers to encourage workers to commute by bike.


The ofo UK operations director, Joseph Seal-Driver said: “Since we launched our beta trial in Cambridge three months ago, we’ve been working with the city and residents to show how ofo can benefit the city with every ride, from reducing congestion and air pollution to making commutes faster and more fun.”


“We want to encourage as many people as possible to adopt cycling as their preferred method of getting around the city.


“With demand for the service growing daily, we’re thrilled to be rolling out an enhanced service that will make it even easier for people to get on two wheels.”


Active in almost a hundred cities across the world the ofo bike does not require a fixed docking station but a smartphone app allows customers to pick up and drop off the bikes at convenient locations, using the built in lock. Which makes them much more convenient than traditional Boris Bikes.


Ofo said that its bikes have been used an between of two to three times a day in Cambridge during the trial – a rate they said compares to the initial roll out of London’s Boris Bikes. 

Mr Seal-Driver added: : “The residents of Cambridge have helped pioneer a new way of exploring cities, and we are confident we can bring the benefits of ofo to other cities around the UK.”


And they are, around 400 of the bikes have been deployed on the streets of Tower Hamlets.


“It’s super multicultural, there’s a lot of cycle highways, so the commute from home to work or meeting to meeting is easy, but we felt there was a lack of bicycles available in the area,” Augustin Mallon, a senior UK manager for oBike, said to WIRED.


It costs 50p for a 30 minute ride, but there is the £50 deposit which is refunded once the bike has been returned.


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