Chinese trade brings hope to European airports

Growing freight and congestion at major hubs could lead to more business for secondary bases. Photo credit – Pixabay

Chinese trade brings hope to European airports

Secondary European airports are said to be ‘scrambling’ to attract Chinese cargo services.

That’s according to specialist publication The Load Star, which reports that congestion at existing hubs, combined with rising volumes, have started to lead to delays.

One way to avoid such delays would be to route cargo via secondary airports with good cargo handling facilities, such as Leipzig instead of Berlin, or Budapest instead of Vienna.

Use of these airfields could potentially also lead to quicker flights, if they’re sited closer to China.

Accordingly, a number of European airports are said to be in discussion with Chinese carriers with the intention of launching potential cargo flights.

The news comes as concerns have been raised about congestion on the European end of rail freight routes to China.

This is starting to slow journey times, particularly between Belarus and Poland.

According to specialist publication, the average journey from China to Germany in 2014 took 11 days – that figure is now 17 days.

Ten years ago, there were no direct train services linking Chinese and European cities. Now, there are 34 cities in Europe and 35 in China linked by such routes.

Rupert Reid

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