Chris & Dr Hilary Jones give you a few health tips…

Age is just a number right? You are as young as you feel! How many times have you heard those comments?…sooo annoying isn’t it ! but it really does depend on how well you look after your mind and your body. Yes…yes.. we all know that, but it really does make a difference. I had a a chat with Dr. Hilary Jones on my show on Tuesday about keeping young in mind and body, whatever age you are. Research out this week by reveals that dancing, drinking red wine, and listening to music on Panda Radio all helps to keep us feeling younger.

Obviously there’s the healthy stuff too like drinking water (as well as red wine!) meditating, doing puzzles and getting lots of sleep. Spending time with younger people is also good (no gate crashing though, that’s just embarrassing) ! also having a pet and coloring your hair (if you’re still lucky to have some) can also help. You see!!… who would have thought! well Dr. Hilary has and does, and he’s been helping us out with some top health tips for you on Panda Radio

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