Coffee-infused lip balm

It’s the last day of the London Coffee Festival (LCF). As a devoted java drinker, I was pleasantly surprised to find a new product that might just replace my daily cuppa; Britain’s first-ever coffee-infused lip balm from Pinwheel.

Photo credit: Pinwheel 

Pinwheel was launched by entrepreneur Siobhan, who started making the lip balms as a hobby after her son was born. She first showcased her products at LCF last year and has grown her range into a selection of ten lip moisturisers across three categories; coffee, tea and floral.

Photo copyright: Panda Radio

Each coffee-based balm is handmade in Surrey and contains British beeswax and real coffee arabica seed oil. Choose from the Americano, Latte or Mocha for your caffeine fix.

Siobhan said: “We’re the only ones doing it in Britain. The crowd favourite is The Americano, I source roasted coffee oil and blend it into the product. The tea balms are made with avocado oil, green tea extracts and natural essentials.”

I’ve tested the product and it smells incredible, you wouldn’t be blamed for being tempted to take a bite out of it (by the way – DON’T, it’s not edible). Albeit beautifully aromatic, the balm feels slightly grainy at first but once you get past the first layer, it becomes buttery soft and moisturising.

You can buy the lip balms directly from the Pinwheel website or one of it’s independent stockists across the UK.