Counter-terrorism team joins new Wiltshire investigation

Officers from the counter-terrorism network have joined forces with the Wiltshire Police for the investigation into what caused two people to fall unconscious in Amesbury.

A man and woman in their 40s were found unresponsive after being exposed to an unknown substance this past Saturday evening. It has been declared a major incident.

The pair was found on Muggleton Road—about 10 miles from Salisbury, where Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, and his daughter, Yulia, were poisoned with a military nerve agent this past March. While the Skripals recovered, the Amesbury pair are currently in critical condition at Salisbury District Hospital.

Police and Scotland Yard’s counter terrorism team have closed off multiple locations, including the Amesbury Baptist Church where the pair attended a family fun day earlier on Saturday. No one else present at the event reported any “ill-effects,” according to Ray Collins, the church’s secretary. Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury has also been cordoned off.

Wiltshire Police are uncertain whether a crime was committed, but are keeping an “open mind” about the circumstances of the incident.

Originally thought to be a tainted heroin or crack cocaine, the substance is now being tested at a government chemical weapons lab.

Olivia Gehrke

Olivia Gehrke is a journalist hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and currently studies journalism and philosophy at Boston University. She previously has done editorial work for Boston Magazine, Boston Hassle, Boston University News Service, and WTBU. A music enthusiast, Olivia hosts No Problem, her radio show on WTBU featuring Boston-based independent artists, and is the Promotions Director for the station, as well. When not at a gig, Olivia enjoys writing music of her own and playing guitar in her band. You can find her on Twitter @oggehrke