Didi set for Australia launch

Alongside investments in firms around the world, Didi has a direct presence in China, Japan and Mexico. Photo credit – Pixabay

Didi set for Australia launch

China’s Didi Chuxing ride-hailing service is set to launch in Australia a week on Monday.

The launch will follow a successful trial in the country.

Didi is the largest ride-hailing platform in the world, however it’s not yet as well known internationally as rival Uber.

That’s set to change. Alongside investments in firms around the world, Didi has a direct presence in Japan and Mexico.

One of Didi’s closest international partners is the Estonian company Taxify.

Taxify has expanded rapidly in Europe and other areas – aided by investment and technological support from Didi.

The firm has been on a charm crusade, courting drivers from Uber who are said to be fed-up of declining revenue and needing to work longer hours to earn the same income.

Taxify has offered drivers the chance to keep a higher percentage of their earnings, as well as a loyalty bonus, and has been highlighting the fact that they have deep pockets.

Things have not been going entirely to plan, however.

Less than a week after launch, Taxify’s London operation was (and remains) temporarily suspended.

Transport For London (the city’s regulatory body) halted their services in the city, ruling that the company is not ‘licensed to accept…bookings.’

Taxify responded, accusing TFL of ‘bullying’ them, and immediately announced their plans to appeal the decision.

Rupert Reid

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