Don’t be left red-faced: Cosmetic tricks to hide sunburn

What’s black and white and red all over? A panda with sunburn!

Getting caught out in the sun with sunburn is never ideal, especially when the elusive British sunshine takes us by surprise. Sound familiar? You’re not alone  in 2017, a third of Brits (35%) said they had been sunburned in the last year. 

If you’ve managed to miss a bit while slathering on the sunscreen, you might be left feeling red faced in more ways than one and wondering how you can use make-up to turn back the clock. 

Here are seven cosmetic tips from Voucherbox to cover-up sunburn using SPF 15+ moisturisers and make-up. Whether you need to conceal red patches or hide unsightly strap marks, ensure you’re a glowing guest at a BBQ, park gathering or garden party. 

 1. Be quick to cool 

 Wrap ice in a flannel or soak with milk straight from the fridge and use as a cold compress on the affected area.

 2. Reapply sunscreen 

Apply a layer of sunscreen and any other exposed areas (to ensure you don’t miss anywhere again!). 

3. Apply Aloe Vera Gel 

This will provide additional soothing qualities to the reddened area to address any pain or itching you might be experiencing. 

4. Add more moisture 

 You’re not done yet – layer on an SPF lotion (such as a factor 15 daily face moisturiser) to hydrate. This is because the area is prone to drying out easily. 

5.Go green 

Use a green stick concealer to dab onto the redness. The green pigment removes visible redness in skin tone as the colours are opposites on the colour wheel. This acts as a neutraliser and is a great pre-foundation step to tone down red patches. 

6. Pick a mineral foundation 

Mineral foundations and powders can work to further cover-up sunburn. This is because they are finely milled to ensure better coverage and ease of blending. They are also free of chemicals and additives which can cause skin irritation. Look for a brand that uses natural ingredients and is moisture-rich.  

 7. Sun-kissed not sunburned 

Adding a touch of bronzer can add a glowing sheen. If you have time, complete this final step to create a sun-kissed illusion and ensure a glistening holiday look that will turn back the clock. 

Make sure you have everything you need for this effective solution to cosmetically cover-up sunburn. It’s also important to take better care of your skin to reduce the risk of sunburn occurring. Take advantage of savings online on a great range of premium beauty products, thanks to these LookFantastic discount codes. 

Kavita Kukar

Presenter on The Day Show. You can find her on Twitter @MissKav