Driver to face court after using a bucket as a car seat and pliers to steer

Norfolk and Suffolk’s Road and Policing Firearms Operation Unit tweeted out a picture of the badly damaged car, which was also missing a bumper, headlights and had a flat tyre.

It is not clear if the car was pulled over or if it had been involved in a collision.

Norfolk police said the driver has been reported to court.

The force posted an image of the car in the early hours of Friday morning, and wrote: “Yes this was driven on a road and yes he was sitting on a bucket and steering with a pair of mole grips.

“Driver will be reported for too many offences to mention.”

Mole grips are pliers that are able to lock into position.

PC Jon Parker from Norfolk Police retweeted the post with the comment: “I think this is the most unroadworthy car I’ve ever seen.

“Ridiculous that it was driven on a public road in this condition.”

Sgt Dave Thubron from Devon and Cornwall Police wrote: “Wowzers! I can’t really show another car with one slightly bald tyre now!!

“That’s truly insane.”

Sky News contacted Norfolk police for further details.


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