East Meets West: all this week’s shows (31st August – 6th September)

Catch up on this week’s East Meets West shows (31st August – 6th September). CJ plays you music from around the world and catches you up on international stories. On air 9-10pm on Panda Radio and on demand right here.


      31/08/18 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Rapper Kris Wu takes down gossiping fans. Eek.


      03/09/18 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Why kids in China were told to watch a TV show as homework pre-back to school … and why their parents weren’t impressed.


      04/09/18 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Open City Documentary Festival comes to London, and BTS basically run the world now.


      05/09/18 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Phones in school: yay or nay? Two stories from China and Europe.


      06/09/18 - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Two ACTUAL good news stories about the world’s plastic problem. Hal-to-the-lujah.


Catherine Jessup

A languages nerd with a food obsession and lifelong music bug, CJ can often be found panning the internet for golden Chinese indie tunes and toting around culinary experiments in a fancy lunchbox. Host and producer of East Meets West and Reporter for pandaradio.co.uk and gbtimes.com. Find them on Twitter @cjessup_gbtimes