East Meets West: all this week’s shows

East Meets West: all this week’s shows

Catch up on this week’s East Meets West shows. Catherine plays you music from around the world and catches you up on international stories. On air 9-10pm on Panda Radio and on demand right here.


      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - 01/06-18

Happy Children’s Day! Some people are saying parents should get the day off to spend time with their kids. Discuss.

      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - 04/06/18

On tonight’s show: Crikey! Meteors!

      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - 05/06/18

It’s exam time, so Catherine took a look at a news item on Asia’s largest ‘cram school’.

      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - 06/06/18

A South Asian literature festival is coming to London! Also, a Chinese street sweeper with a passion for language learning has some ingenious techniques for studying on the job.

      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - 07/06/18

There’s been an announcement about Disney’s Mulan remake, and Catherine is excited about it. Plus an exciting giveaway if you’re in the UK and enjoy music festivals.


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Catherine Jessup

A languages nerd with a food obsession and lifelong music bug, CJ can often be found panning the internet for golden Chinese indie tunes and toting around culinary experiments in a fancy lunchbox. Host and producer of East Meets West and Reporter for pandaradio.co.uk and gbtimes.com. Find them on Twitter @cjessup_gbtimes