Inbetweeners Star Emily Atak Joins Gerry & Dave

Anyone who was alive in the late 2000’s will know about The Inbetweeners. The show won the Audience Award at the British Academy Television Awards, won the Best Sitcom at the British Comedy Awards and was nominated for a ‘Best Sit-Com’ BAFTA twice. That’s not bad for a show which only ran for 3 series!

Will & Charlotte

So imagine how excited we were to welcome ‘the most popular girl in the school’ to the station.

Gerry & Dave have never been ‘the cool kids’ so they had a lot to learn from the girl who played the infamous Charlotte Hinchcliffe. And they learned a lot.

Emily Atak is not a one hit wonder though. You might recognise her from Celebrity Juice, Dancing on Ice and even starring opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bill Nighy and Michael Gambon in the motion picture remake of Dad’s Army. 

Not only that, we also asked her if it’s true that she’s related to Sir Paul McCartney (how cool is that?!). So, there was a lot to talk to her about.

However, one of the things we all found was how bubbly, happy and positive she was…so we felt a bit bad handing her over to our 2 resident grumpy men. But that soon became a talking point.

New research from Simply Be Perks has revealed the little things that make a big difference. Three quarters of women agreed a compliment is the number one thing that makes them feel good inside.

Not to be cynical, but it’s increasingly difficult to find the right way to compliment someone of the opposite sex. So, Gerry & Dave sensitively asked how to pay someone a compliment without offending them. What happened was of course mayhem and, well, give it a listen…


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