Finnair expands China network

Finnair has launched flights between Helsinki and Nanjing. Photo credit – Pixabay

Finnair expands China network

There’s now a direct link between Helsinki and Nanjing, after Finnair launched thrice weekly flights between the two cities.

The new route brings Finnair’s network in China to six routes, with Nanjing joining cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.

Helsinki lends itself well as a hub between other European cities and China due to its Northerly geographic location.

This allows Finnair to offer rapid journey times to travellers despite the need to connect to other cities.

Further transport links between Finland and China could well be launched in the future.

In particular, we recently reported about the possibility of a so-called ‘Arctic Corridor.’

Ships from China would dock in the far North of Finland in Kirkenes, before their cargo of freight would be transported around Europe by rail, and finally road.

This would save cargo ships thousands of miles of sailing, but the plan isn’t quite ready to implement yet.

Firstly, the rail infrastructure between the North of Finland and the rest of Europe simply isn’t up to the task of taking on significant freight traffic yet.

Significant expansion would also be needed at Kirkenes or alternative port facilities to enable the largest vessels to dock.

Nevertheless, it’s a plan that investors in both China and Finland are keen to see come to fruition.

Rupert Reid

Pilot and Senior Broadcast Journalist at Panda Radio. You can find him on Twitter @rupertreid