Fiona Phillips Comes Back On The Breakfast Show With Gerry & Dave

It was a bleak Tuesday morning. Rain was pattering down into the grey puddles as everyone trudged to work. In short, it wasn’t the most upbeat start to the day. That’s until Fiona Phillips joined us in the studio.

There are some people who can just make you smile when they walk into a room. Fiona is one of those people. It’s not a surprise though as she spent 11 years waking the Nation as the face and host of GMTV along with Eammon Holmes. Since then she’s gone on to guest host Loose Women, The Wright Stuff  & Lorraine. 

So, it’s always going to be a good chat. There was a lot to cover. She now writes a weekly column for The Mirror which deals with a lot of hard-hitting topics.

One that recently came up, that we were really interested in, was eyesight. Apparently you’re meant to get your eyes tested every 2 years (whoops!). If you haven’t had an eye test, don’t worry you’re not the only one. 1 in 4 people haven’t had an eye test in the past 2 years. What’s more, you can actually have an eye test at home!

That’s right. Yet nobody knows about it – 34, 000, 000 UK adults didn’t know this was an option. That’s a big deal when you consider that 50% of sight loss is avoidable. There’s obviously loads of different reasons why someone would need an eye test at home – age, infirmity, ill health – so it’s a tricky subject to make sense of.

This made the perfect excuse to get one of our favourite guests back on The Breakfast Show.

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