Fiona Phillips Pops In To See Gerry & Dave

Who Is Fiona Phillips?

If you lived any time between 1993 and 2008 and you are bound to know Fiona Phillips. She was the face of GMTV waking up millions of Britons every morning. Her and Eamonn Holmes were very much the Pinky & Perky of the telly box.

That’s not to mention her dancing stint on Strictly Come Dancing, her regular guest appearances on Loose Women and the regular column she writes for The Daily Mirror. 

So, Gerry & Dave were pretty  chuffed when she agreed to pop into our studios to have a natter, a laugh and a chat about a cause which is pretty close to her heart.

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Giving Something Back

Fiona is a huge advocate for contributing society. She’s an ambassador and spokesperson for a number of charities. One of them is The People’s Postcode Lottery.

However, a new study found that over a quarter of Brits would like to do more to support a local charity…but they don’t know how to get involved. Young people between the ages of 16-25 are most enthusiastic to do their part, nearly two in five saying they would like to do more.

So, the willingness is there, but the knowledge isn’t.

Where To Go For More Information

Basically, there’s loads of places you can go to find more info.

You can go online and find about what different charities are in your local area and approach them direct.

If you’re not comfortable with the direct approach how about checking out the People’s Postcode Lottery website. It’s

There’s loads of ways to help out – volunteering, donating belongings or even sharing on social media. You can give as much or as little as you want, so don’t be shy, get stuck in

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