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First Ever UK Amazon Store Pops Up in London

There is no denying that the internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Companies such as boohoo, ASOS, and Amazon have made billions by specializing in online-only retail. While some people prefer to browse from the comfort of their own home, some prefer to get a feel for the products they want to purchase. These online only companies have found flash retailing to be an effective way of increasing marketing reach. This trend involves opening short-term sale space, called a pop-up store, to leave a long term impression on consumers.

Amazon’s virtual marketplace has been brought to life over 3,000 square feet of central-London. The pop-up on Baker Street will last through Saturday, October 27. This is the first time the American e-commerce company has opened a physical location in Europe, and it will allow shoppers to buy clothes in the store or scan items with the Amazon app for home or work delivery. The store features a range of fashion lines–from Amazon’s own clothing brands to Calvin Klein, Steve Madden and Vince Camuto.

The theme of the in-store display will change every other day, and it will be accompanied by a new interactive experience. During the autumn/winter 2018 trends, there will be denim customization sessions with Pepe Jeans. The founder of fitness gear company Deliciously Ella will lead a yoga lesson during the sports clothing showcase. During the final streetwear and partywear phase, customers will be offered makeovers while acoustic sets are performed by British singer-songwriters Nao and Tom Grennan.

In the future, Amazon may be looking to launch more brick-and-mortar stores in Europe. They may experiment with Amazon Go automated grocery shops in the UK like the recent cashier-less stores opened in the United States.