Gareth Southgate makes waistcoats hot again

Waistcoats may just be back in fashion thanks to the England Manager Gareth Southgate. On Drivetime yesterday Chris revealed that sales of waistcoats have rocketed by 35% since the tournament began two weeks ago. Is he setting a trend?

The formal attire, traditionally favoured by grooms and snooker players, has been given a re-birth by the 47 year old manager, who matches the look with a pale blue shirt and navy and red striped tie.  The England’s squad official suit is a £264 Marks and Spencer whistle-and-flute, with the coordinating waistcoat costing an additional £65 and the tie ringing through the tills at £25 (obviously other waistcoats and ties are available from other high street stores).

Southgate is currently basking in the glow of getting England through their group matches with relative ease and his smart touchline outfit. Let’s hope it works on the touch line tonight when England take on Columbia.