Gerry & Dave Interview Clare Nasir

Any regular listeners of The Breakfast Show will know that Dave does the weather (and generally he does it badly). So imagine how nervous he was to meet professional weather person Clare Nasir.

Clare slaps all of Newcastle

It’s fair to say Clare knows the ropes when it comes to weather. She won the coveted TRIC Award for Best Weather Presenter of the Year which perhaps explains why she is everywhere when it comes to meteorology – she began presenting the forecast 18 years ago when she joined GMTV. That’s before she joined ITV in 2010 and then for the BBC 3 years later and finally becoming the face of the weather for Channel 5 (imagine being ‘the face’ of weather!).

However, she’s got so much more about her than just telling us how rainy it’s going to be. She’s an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust and ambassador for the Healthy Air Campaign. Which is actually one of the things we wanted to ask her about.

Did you know 9 million of us suffer from hay fever? That’s pretty bleak. What’s worse, some of us suffering unnecessarily because we simply don’t know all the facts about how to prevent symptoms.

New research released today by Boots UK reveals a long-standing misconception; 89% of people don’t realise that hay fever symptoms can be worse in the city than in the countryside. That’s because of the high levels of air pollution. A whopping 44 out of 51 UK cities have levels of air pollution above the recommended limit.

The new term ‘pollenution’ has been used to explain the combined effect of high air pollution and pollen.

Gerry & Dave aren’t very good at getting their heads around anything new, so they thought they’d enlist the expert help of Clare to try and break this down and make some sense of it all.


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