Gerry & Dave Interview A Dinosaur…(expert!)

Who doesn’t love a dinosaur?! They have to be the biggest most awesomest things around (apart from Panda Radio, that is officially the best). And, as it’s coming  up to National Dinosaur Day we decided to combine 2 of the bestest things in the world and whack them together into one lovely bundle. That’s how Gerry & Dave came to interview Paleontologist Dr Darren Naish.

With May 15th marking National Dinosaur Day we thought we would hit you with some Dino Facts.

The longest dinosaur measured over 40 metres (as long as four fire engines)

The oldest known dinosaur lived 245 million years ago

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for over 160 million years

Dinosaurs lived on all the continents, including Antarctica

Over 100 species of dinosaurs have been named based on discoveries made in the UK

And that last one is particularly relevant. For the very first time we will be able to board a time machine back to the time of the dinosaurs, as Dinosaurs in the Wild celebrates the day on London’s Greenwich Peninsula.

Time-travellers can now go on a mind-blowing voyage of discovery, jumping back a staggering 67 million years by time machine to TimeBase 67 – an incredible research station built in the Late Cretaceous Period, where scientists now study living dinosaurs. They get to drive through lumbering herds of dangerous dinosaurs, join a dinosaur autopsy, watch babies hatching, plunge their hands into dinosaur poo and visit a huge lookout, with panoramic views of the giant creatures hunting, fighting and roaming free in the wild all around them.

This sounded far too much fun for us to miss out on. So, we sent our Dino fans Gerry & Dave to ask all those questions that you’ve wanted to know about our ancient reptilian friends. For example, is Keith Richards a dinosaur? Listen below to find out.


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