Gerry & Dave Interview Liz Fraser

It’s no headline that we’ve all got stress. No matter what you do, no matter where you live, you’ll encounter stress at some point in your life. Everyone knows that. However, what very few people know is how to actually cope with it.

As it comes up to exam season, stress is rife in young adults. We wanted to offer a helping hand, give some advice, point people in the right direction.

…However, Gerry & Dave couldn’t even cope when Toblerone changed size, so there’s no way they can give help about exam stress. So, we turned to someone who knew what they were doing.

Liz Fraser is a regular writer in The Telegraph getting involved in the hottest of debates. That’s how she’s become one of the UK’s best-known writers on all aspects of modern family life.

As a Mum, she’s worried about a new survey from National Citizen Service (NCS) that reveals more than half of parents don’t know how to help their children cope with exams. 8 in 10 UK parents believe there is too much exam pressure on their teens.

Rather than just moaning about it, we decided to get her on the phone and get to the bottom of this tricky problem.


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