Gerry & Dave Meet Jennie Bond

We love getting our favourite people back on The Breakfast Show. We’ve been lucky enough to chat to some incredible, fun, funny people and it’s always a pleasure to welcome them back. We’ve had Jennie Bond on the show a couple of times before and last time we asked if she’d knicked anything from Buckingham Palace (which she absolutely hasn’t…much to Dave’s disappointment!).

It’s a busy time for Jennie as The Royal Wedding is everywhere. Whether you wanted to know if there’s going to be a Royal Doughnut, A Royal Waxwork or a Right Royal Bust Up then Jennie knows the answer. As people get geared up for ‘the big day’ she is being used as a walking royal encyclopedia. Everyone’s getting in on the action. However, we didn’t want to ask all those well-worn boring questions, we wanted to know the real inside track – what does the rest of the world think, has the stag do already been and gone and is Jennie already bored of it all!? She obviously isn’t. In fact, she’s incredibly passionate about it all and in particular one new book that’s coming out.

When we last spoke, Jennie was asking people to send in their royal snaps to compile a royal photo album. Well, over 2000 images were submitted, dating back to Queen Victoria in the 1890’s, and including candid shots of Princess Diana, Prince Harry and Meghan. There certainly was a lot to pour thought and now the book is finished Jennie bought a copy along with her.

The book features 8 chapters ranging from Country Life to Pomp & Ceremony. The Crown from the Crowd is published on May 8th and will be presented as a ‘gift from the people’ to Prince Harry and Meghan ahead of their wedding day. But we got to have a sneak peak and were keen to chat about it


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