Gerry & Dave Meet Rachel Riley

Who doesn’t love a bit of Countdown? It is one of the longest running quiz shows in the world. With over 6,500 episodes, 77 series and been broadcasting since 1982 it’s a staple of our telly enjoyment. Being one of the few things students and grandparents could watch together, it is a phenomena.

So, Gerry & Dave were excited to meet Rachel Riley, the mathematician and co-presenter of said TV show. Rachel replaced Carol Vorderman on Countdown back in 2009. Previous to that she had no training for working in television and no experience in the media industry. Plus,  joined Countdown at the age of 22! That’s pretty impressive.

You may also recognise her from 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown,  Strictly Come Dancing and Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. 

There was a lot to talk to her about. We wanted to get the inside gossip and hear how things really are on set. 

Strangely though the conversation got round to the Bank Holiday. It’s a time of year when there’s lots to do (and a lot of it not stuff that you actually want to). According to new research 75% of UK adults set to tackle their to-do-list over the Bank Holiday weekend. The FCA, which commissioned the research, is encouraging people to put checking whether they’re eligible to claim for PPI on their to-do-list.

But Dave couldn’t stop Rachel and Gerry talking about football. When we gave her a cuddly Panda she instantly began talking about Patrice Evra, Dave’s eyes glazed over and Gerry’s lit up.


All that mixed up with fun, laughs and a lot of silly questions, making her Gerry’s favourite guest.

      CLICK HERE TO LISTEN - Gerry x Dave Interview Rachel Riley