When Gerry & Dave Met Kevin McCloud

Here at Panda Radio we love having guests in. We’ve been lucky in our time to have some incredible, fun and incredibly fun guests. However, amongst the best of them has to Kevin McCloud.

Who Is Kevin McCloud?

If you don’t know, where have you been?! He’s the face of Grand Designs for nearly 20 years, filming over 700 episodes in 15 series and a number of spin offs.

He’s published numerous books, is a keen ecologist and was even awarded an MBE back in 2014.

Basically he is a man, a myth a LEGEND

What Is Grand Designs?

Now, we never leave any man (woman or trans for that matter) behind. If you don’t know what Grand Designs is then…take a long hard look at yourself. However, for your benefit let us explain.

Simply put, it’s a property show…but it’s so much more.

Kevin explores the weird, wonderful and plain whacky. There have been shipping container houses, caves, house-boats and even one in a water tower.

However, the one thing that stays the same isall the projects overrun, over-spend and get far too ambitious. Let’s just say it makes for some incredible watching.

Grand Designs Live

The big thing that was going on at the moment was Grand Designs Live. It’s running right here in London from 5-13th May at The Excel Centre. It includes a live theatre, Kevin’s Green Heroes Live and hundreds of exhibitors. There’s something for everyone, with everything from technology all the way through to gardening and wildlife.

So, it’s no wonder Kevin was hugely excited to talk about this with Gerry and Dave. However, the conversation began to meander and soon they were discussing philosophy, music and the nuclear apocalypse in what has to be, one of our best interviews to date.


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