Guess what most people hold onto from their childhood?

We all have childhood memories, but how many of us actually keep something from our childhood?  Even the most organised playroom or bedroom will become cluttered if it contains too many toys. So is it a good idea to weed out the toys your children don’t play with and if so, get rid of them. You probably have a good idea of what should stay and what should go, but it’s a good idea to get the kids involved when it’s time to purge otherwise you might regret it and they most definitely will.

You may be surprised to learn which toys your children would hate to part with  or the ones they’re eager to give away. If a toy is broken or missing a lot of pieces, it can probably be one of the first things to go. There’s no point in keeping something that’s lost its usefulness or can’t be repaired. But there is perhaps one exception to this and that is the good old teddy bear. In recent surveys 72% of us said that they will never get rid of their childhood teddy bear.

Now, given that we are Panda Radio and we are all about the Panda’s, we want to hear from you if your favourite childhood cuddly toy was a Panda Bear. What was it’s name? was it just “Panda” or something else. Send us your photos and get in touch on twitter