Headline: Vegan start-up introduces egg substitute in Hong Kong

Vegan US start-up, Just Scramble, has introduced its egg substitute in an international market for the first time, with a taste test in Hong Kong.

The Silicon Valley product was launched by Green Monday founder David Yeung and Just Scramble’s co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick, and is part of the Just range. The brand also has mayo, dressing, cookie dough and meat items.

The substitute, which is made from mung beans, was added to the menu in a Hong Kong restaurant, a first for the brand who have previously only sold the product in San Fransisco. 

“There are seven billion people in the world and the way the food system works today [it] simply cannot sustain [them],” said Yeung in a recent interview with South China Morning Post.

“Plant-based is the biggest food trend for 2018 because more people are awakening to the fact we have to change. Most of the world’s population is concentrated in Asia. If we want to truly change the world, change needs to start here.”