Honeymooners return to find 6ft fence yards from their front door

They believe a farmer put up the obstruction over a boundary dispute with the developer who built the house.

Returning from their romantic break in the Dominican Republic earlier this month, Thomas and Rebekah Entwistle pulled up at their home in Blackburn, Lancashire, to find the eyesore surrounding the front of the house.

Music teacher Thomas, 27, said the couple had bought the house because of the views – but now all they can see out the front windows are wooden panels.

“This was our dream home and now it’s turned into a nightmare – it feels like we are imprisoned in our own house by this fence,” he said.

“We are being held hostage in a land dispute which is nothing to do with us.”

Mr Entwistle said it is “like having the Berlin Wall in front of our home” and that his wife is often in tears because of the oppressive barrier right outside their front door.

The couple are worried that even if they tear it down, the fence could be put up again – or even extended round the back.

Developer Persimmon said its development does not reach into any land which it does not own.

It added: “We understand planning enforcement action is being taken against the neighbouring landowner to address the fence, which has been erected illegally and in breach of planning regulations.”


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