Indian MP dresses as Adolf Hitler in protest against PM Narendra Modi

Appearing outside the country’s parliament, Naramalli Sivaprasad wore a khaki jacket with swastikas on the pocket and arm, and a moustache similar to that of the genocidal dictator.

He claimed Mr Modi has gone back on a promise to provide more funds for his state, Andhra Pradesh, something Mr Modi’s government has denied.

Mr Sivaprasad alleged the PM “does not get the pulse of what people want and I want to urge him to not be like him (Hitler)”.

Mr Sivaprasad’s Telugu Desam Party, which broke an alliance with Mr Modi’s government in March, tried in vain to bring down the administration through a no-confidence motion last month.

Fellow parliamentarians did not protest against his costume.

It is not the first time Mr Sivaprasad has dressed up to make a point. He has also appeared as a farmer, a cattle herder, a Muslim cleric and a woman.

Some people in India, where the Holocaust is not well known, view Hitler as a strong leader.

His book, Mein Kampf, can be found in many bookstores, while bootleg copies are sold in the streets of New Delhi and other large cities.


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