iPad Mi Pad – Apple in European name row with Xiaomi

Xiaomi has big plans for the European market. Photo credit – Pixabay


Apple has won a trademark dispute against Chinese rival Xiaomi in the European General Court.


The ruling effectively blocks Xiaomi from trademarking the name ‘Mi Pad’ in Europe, with Apple arguing that the name is too similar to ‘iPad’.

The matter has taken some three years to reach Europe’s second highest court, and it may still be appealed by the Chinese firm.

Xiaomi is currently the 5th largest smartphone maker in the world, despite not having launched in Europe yet.

That fact is testament both to the strength of Xiaomi in its home market, and the quality and popularity of its devices.

In October, we reported that the firm was launching its first European stores, in Spain.

From Spanish roots (the company already has a significant fan base in the country) Xiaomi hopes to grow in Europe, learning from their initial launch with the Mi Mix 2.

As Wang Xiang, Senior Vice President, told a launch event in Madrid:

”…we want to really learn what the customer/consumer really needs in Spain. With the official channel we will have a direct route understand the needs and the taste of EU consumers.”

By all counts, Spain makes for a good choice of initial market in Europe. Its telecommunications sector is competitive, with widespread 4G coverage provided by companies with a significant global presence such as Telefonica and Vodafone.

Spanish people tend to be tech-savvy, but price conscious enough for a new brand, offering a good balance of quality and affordability, to have a significant impact.

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