More Italian Kiwis for China

A new agreement has paved the way for more kiwi fruits to be exported from Italy to China. Photo credit – Pixabay

More Italian Kiwis for China

A number of Italian facilities have been approved by Chinese authorities to treat kiwi fruits before they are exported to China.

The news is significant for the Italian fruit industry.

It means that the kiwis can be protected against the chance of contamination en route, and also removes the need for the fruits to be treated on arrival.

The upshot could well be a significant growth in exports of kiwi fruits from Italy to China.

The fruit trade between China and Europe is very big business.

Previously, we’ve reported that China’s increasing demand for quality fresh produce has been warmly received by European producers.

For example, in Spain, growers have visited China to enhance trade links.

Oliver Huesmann from Malaga-based firm Fruitconsulting revealed:

”This is a big opportunity for Spain. Chinese importers are more open than ever to new options.”

Spain isn’t the only country to have marketed its fruit heavily in China recently.

In December, we reported that Australian stonefruit growers are preparing for seasonal exports to China after the signing of a protocol.

The agreement permitted the export from Australia of the fruits to China, which has already commenced.

Rupert Reid

Pilot and Senior Broadcast Journalist at Panda Radio. You can find him on Twitter @rupertreid