Kavita meets SORTEDfood

Oh to be a panda, they spend up to 12 hours a day eating, doesn’t that sound like heaven. Well the boy’s from SORTEDfood did one better than the panda and took on the London Food Marathon Challenge (‘cos like panda’s, they prefer eating to running).

So who are SORTEDfood, well they are a global community of food lovers and cooking enthusiasts led by Ben, Jamie, Mike & Barry. They have been making YouTube video’s for the last 8 years and have gained a huge online following.

In their latest online challenge, they had 24 hours to try 26.2 different restaurants and market stalls in London. So how did they get on, well take a look for yourself:


Three quarters of the SORTEDfood team (Jamie, Ben and Barry) popped into the Panda Studio today to chat to Kavita all about the London Marathon Food Challenge, sending good morning texts, restaurant toilets, things in bread and much much more:

      LISTEN NOW - Kavita chats to SORTEDfood