Moet the lawn? Essex couple mark lottery win with champagne garden design

Sue Richards, 51, and her partner Barry Maddox, 58, won the prize two years ago and moved into their dream home in Billericay, Essex.

They have become known for their lawn art, as green-fingered Mr Maddox likes to set challenges for new designs.

He has previously mowed Wimbledon stripes into his lawn, as well as checker boards.

But the latest offering has topped all those efforts.

It took three days of work as well as advice from a man the couple have only referred to as “Mr Lawn”.

Mr Maddox and “Mr Lawn” cut the design with a range of scissors in varying sizes, as well as the conventional lawn mower.

“It’s bigger than what I expected but it’s amazing,” said Ms Richards. “It’s come out really nice.

“Neighbours can see it as we’re in a converted bungalow and there are two-storey houses next door.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbours beyond that have seen it.”

Ms Richards bought the winning scratchcard as she returned from a night shift as a care worker.

Despite the big win, she is still working. The couple bought the house with the huge third-of-an-acre garden for £750,000 and spent money on the five children they have between them.

Ms Richards also bought four Audis and a motor home, which she described as her “pride and joy”.

Mr Maddox, who was a building site manager and is now a kitchen designer, said of their newly mowed lawn: “You can’t say this isn’t different!

“The neighbours must think we are mad but I’ve always taken a lot of pride in my garden and this has been really fun to do too.

“Who knows, maybe we’ve created a trend for the summer – lawn-Moeting.”

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