New fashion airline ‘Joon’ could link China and France

Joon is a new, youth orientated airline being founded by Air France. Photo credit – Air France / Joon


A new airline aimed at millennials could soon link China and France.


The air travel market is a crowded one, but that hasn’t stopped Air France from launching a new brand, Joon.

As a concept, it’s unique, if not a tiny bit baffling. Here’s some PR blurb which attempts to explain what it’s trying to do and who it’s trying to target:

”Joon is a fashion brand, a rooftop bar, a personal assistant, a TV channel on demand, and oh … Joon does flying too!”

”(Joon will be) launched with ambassadors-influencers who embody the spirit of the brand at each of its destinations.”

Put more simply, it’s an airline aimed at young people who like to travel to trendy destinations and will be excited by a quirky flying experience (Joon promised to ‘surprise’ passengers and will serve complementary refreshments, including organic produce.)

Joon’s first flights will be in December this year and will link Paris with Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, Porto, Fortaleza in Brazil and Mahé in the Seychelles.

However, the airline plans to operate 28 aircraft by 2020, so Air France obviously has big plans to expand its new airline to other destinations.

According to (In French) Joon plans to announce a route to China soon, which is expected to link Paris and Taipei.

This service will apparently also be joined by new routes to Nairobi in Kenya and Seattle in the USA.

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