New growth in pork exports from UK to China

The agreement is also expected to bring significant environmental benefits. Photo credit – Pixabay


A major UK pork producer has received permission to export to China.


The news is further good news for the British pork industry after we revealed in August that two pork production facilities in Northern Ireland, together with three in England, had been approved to export pork to China.

The approval for the plants to export their products to China took several months to complete, and involved Chinese officials visiting the facilities to check their standards.

Trade from the two processing plants in Northern Ireland alone could be worth as much as £10 million every year, with the British government claiming the agreement could be worth £200 million to the British economy, and support 1,500 jobs.

Officials from Northern Ireland, and Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Suffolk (the homes of the three English facilities) had welcomed the news, not least the fact that the approval by Chinese authorities demonstrates the excellent quality of the products to be exported.

The news isn’t just good for the British economy. There are expected to be significant environmental benefits, as the facilities will now be able to export pig products which are used in Chinese dishes (such as trotters) but for which there isn’t a significant demand in British food.

As a result, the agreement is also expected to bring significant environmental benefits.

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