The what? The ‘No Planet B Festival’. That’s what…

We love pandas.  Pandas love the planet.  So, you know, obviously we love the planet too.  It makes sense, don’t read into it.

But because we love the planet, we at Panda Radio were intrigued by the No Planet B Festival.  Kavita had a chat with organiser Chris Bush, you can listen back below.

Being the staff vegan, I had a browse further, and found a load of info.  So you can either read ahead (advised, because I slaved away at it), or skip to the interview.  Either way, if you love the planet, you need to know all about it.

Already, No Planet B is leading the way as the UK’s largest festival experience that combines zero waste with veganism and minimalism, creating a truly singular event.  It basically aims to put delicious leisure with social forward-thinking.  Tasty and cool and heart-warming, isn’t it?

Exploding across Great Tew, The Cotswolds, from August 17th – 19th, the festival will be putting itself at the forefront of Eco-conscious programming for summer 2018; including talks, workshops, yoga classes, and complete with a sumptuous line up of colourful vegan street food that arguably (and deliciously) outdoes their more
seasoned contemporaries.  Found you some pics, too.

Drool. Drool now.

Guests can savour a colourful array of delights, including Pulled jackfruit burgers from Epic Veg Kitchen, Smoked carrot lox with cream cashew cheese bagels from Vegals, Chana Dahl and Raja Wraps from En Root, Matcha, Tumeric and Blue Spirulina lattes from Routes Coffee and the legendary Beef(less) pie, Battered sausage and Tofish & Chips from Shakey Shakey.

Putting an irresistible spin on environmental awareness, the festival’s zero waste ethos also marks No Planet B as a strong, innovative new voice.  Festival-goers are encouraged to bring along an unwanted non-recyclable product to help construct a giant art piece to be unveiled at the weekend’s finale.  Throw in a range of Earth-centric entertainment, including inspirational lectures from Manuela Baron (Girl Gone Green), Eco-Fashionista, Kristen Leo, and zero waste expert, Shia Su (Wasteland Rebel), performances from the likes of Lekenah Eccles (The Voice), Activist/Singer Carly Taylor and Liverpool five-piece, Ukebox, can be enjoyed across the weekend.


Early-bird tickets are now available offering exclusive rewards to the first 1,000 attendees. Exclusive offer only available till June 12th.  So be quick (and buy me one).

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      CLICK TO LISTEN - Kavita chats with organiser Chris Bush

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